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Yerberia El Paraiso

Yerberia El Paraiso in Conroe, TX offers religious and spiritual items. We offer hundreds of beaded, quartz, youth style, kid style, and designer styles ROSARIES. AMULETS for good luck, protection, money, love, health, and romance (AMULETOS for dinero, buena suerte, amor y proteccion). OILS for love, money, protection, and good luck. RELIGIOUS PICTURES of saint depictions, nativity scenes, Santa Maria pictures, Santa Muerte pictures. STATUES of many spiritual, Santeria, religious, Catholic, Poncho Via, Jesus Mal Verde, Goddesses, and Buddha. CANDLES for fixed, religious, mystical, and archangel. HERBS / YERBAS – teas, cleansings. INCENSE - stick, cone, cleansing. BOOKS / LIBROS of Santeria, voodoo, prayer, dream books, magic, herbal, angel, ritual, cleansing, tarot, and cards. MEXICAN ARTIFACTS like traditional Mexican dresses, maracas, mariachi hats, somberos, loterias, zarapes, ponchos, fiesta dresses, fiesta blouses, puebla dresses, piñatas. Bath salts, waters and herbs for cleansings and good luck. We have all kinds of quartz stones / rocks, jewelry, brackets, noted for increase in positive energy. We also carry a few Wiccan or pagan items as well. Call for additional information. And a lot more for all your spiritual needs.

Religious Store - Conroe, TX - Yerberia El Paraiso

Yerberia El Paraiso's Catholic And Religious Items:

  • Rosaries
  • Saint statues
  • Candles
  • Prayer books
  • All sizes of crucifixes

Yerberia El Paraiso's Mystical And Spiritual Items:

  • Veladoras curadas (prepared candles)
  • Amuletos (amulets)
  • Aceites (oils)
  • Incense
  • Libros (mystical books)
  • Santos (saint statues)

Call Yerberia El Paraiso today at 936-647-4970 for all your religious and spiritual item needs.

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Yerberia El Paraiso 305 E Davis St Conroe, TX 77301
Yerberia El Paraiso
305 E Davis St
Conroe, TX 77301